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Private ski instruction
– groups and tailor-made skiing trips (on Nordic, Telemark or Alpine equipment)


The quickest, most enjoyable and safest way to improve your skiing is to get good, professional lessons. It takes far longer to change bad habits than to develop good skiing from the start.

The British Association of Snowsports Instructors, BASI, is the only professional body in the UK for snowsports instructors. BASI is a member the ISIA (International Ski Instructors' Association).

Private ski instruction

We can offer private skiing instruction for individuals, either on weeks when we have trips running at specified resorts or at other times or resorts of your choosing. There is a lot of freedom as to the length or number of sessions though we do need to consider sessions with a view to instructor availability at any one venue. Typically private clients will opt for, say, a 'one-off' 2 or a 2½ hour session or one day comprising 2 x 2hr sessions or 2 days with a 2 hr session each day or 5 days with a 2 hr session each day.

Rates start at £145 for 1 x 2 hr session. Additional sessions become relatively cheaper. This rate is the same for both 1:1 or 1:2 instructor:student(s) ratios

Private group instruction and bespoke trips

We can also offer private group skiing instruction or organise custom-made ski trips or bespoke tours (on Nordic, Telemark or Alpine equipment). Tailor-made ski tours in the Alps would be led by an IFMGA Mountain Guide who is a very good skier and able to give technique tips and to ensure you enjoy the best and safest ski touring. NB. In the Alpine countries commercial tours on glaciated terrain are required, by law, to be led by an IFMGA Guide.

Approximate group instruction rates will be as follows:
4 in group, save £15 per person for instruction only.
6 in group, save £30 per person for instruction only.
8 in group, save £45 per person for instruction only.

Approximate group accommodation rates:
4 in group save 5% per person on B&B or half-board.
6 in group save 7.5% per person on B&B or half-board.
8 in group save 10% per person on B&B or half-board.

Personalised teaching

Teaching by The Off-piste & Telemark Ski Company is always personalised and features low client to instructor ratios but private ski lessons allow us to concentrate even more on those areas you'd like to develop. It is also a great way for skiers with less time or particular areas of concern to break through any barriers.

Tailor-made ski tours and trips for club groups, schools and other organisations

Private tailor-made skiing trips can be devised either to an area of your choosing or we can help you decide on where to go. Either way, our extensive knowledge of ski areas and the skiing levels required for various trips is at your disposal. We can help with any aspect of travel and accommodation but you are free to decide on the level of accommodation, cost, etc.

If you have sufficient numbers for a private group or tailor-made tour, costs can usually be lower than the cost of the equivalent trip on our standard ski programme – see above for examples.

Family private ski instruction

We do not accept those under the age of 18 on our courses and tours, but we can offer private arrangements for families.

Contact us to discuss the options
Please contact us to discuss any private instruction or tailor-made option. It helps if this can be as early as possible before your holiday

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